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          Current Location:Home>Recruitment>Merchants and recruitment

          Merchants and recruitment

          Business Vision

          Pooling Professional talents, build first-class ventilation enterprise in the world

          Core values

          Integrity, honesty, mutual support, mutual progress

          Personnel Concept

          Capable and integrity, professional and pragmatic, hard working and dedicated; Win-win development.

          Payment assessment


          We provide competitive salaries to talents.


          We provide social insurance and free accommodation. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner service in our own canteen.


          Our company has a sound, scientific performance appraisal system to give reasonable evaluation of their performance periodically based on individual performance, which provides a good mechanism and guarantee for employee development.

          Cultural activities

          1. Our company has a table-tennis room, a karaoke room basketball courts and other facilities, and regularly carry out contests.

          2. Organize tourism activities every year

          3.  Hold sports meeting annually in National Day or New Year's Day to provide our staff with a platform for self-display.

          Training and Development

          1. The company has a sound scientific training system, providing different employees with systematic training courses.

          2. To ensure that training more purposeful and practical, our company creates a part-time training team with division, to develop courses regularly, which help raise the quality and skills of the staff.

          3. There are diverse forms of training, such as internal lecturers teaching, external lecturers teaching, assignment training, or send our trainees to professional training institutions.